Think of a sunset on the horizon, mighty waves grinding to a halt on the shore and the gentle sea breeze blowing on your skin. With acoustic music playing gently in the background and the love of your life holding your hand, you probably wouldn’t find a more picturesque scene to tie the knot. If you are a hopeless romantic who’s been trying to find the perfect location for an intimate wedding ceremony, I bet you have already considered the beach wedding. 



Unlike the church wedding in a beautiful church auditorium, the traditional wedding at home or the recently discussed court wedding in an imposing court room, the beach wedding set up usually has to be built from scratch. Depending on which beach you are using, a few amenities like a bar, restrooms, and seating may already be available but in some cases, you have to provide such for your guests. If you’re in Accra, Sandbox Beach Club would host any number guests comfortably. To accentuate the natural landscape, the décor, and lighting have to be as subtle as possible. Honestly, beach wedding logistics are on a whole different level from the average wedding and this is where most of your wedding preparation energy would be directed. Hire a wedding planner if you must because only a professional eye and touch can handle this flawlessly. 

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Because your wedding photos may probably be the only things you will keep forever after the wedding, you might want to factor in time of your pictures before the event. You also need to involve them creatively so that they can search the space for so that you can get the most out of the natural light and landscape. Many photographers do greatly but the beach is not a very comfortable terrain for most. This is why you need an experienced professional. You should definitely check out @phloshop on Instagram.  

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For a beach wedding, you would need to wear a dress that is comfortable and flowy at least around your legs. It should be one that allows you to enjoy the breeze and which fits in easily with the semi-causal vibe of a beach wedding. Remember the goal is still graceful beauty and elegance so you don’t want to look too casual on your wedding day. 

High heels would be out of place at the beach because heels and sand do not do well together. People like to get barefoot in the sand and water otherwise comfortable sandals are your best bet for the beach. 

Unless you don’t mind the sea-breeze tousling your hair, I suggest you choose an updo or a style that keeps all the hair away from your face. Veils wouldn’t do well at the beach either because of the wind so you might want to skip the veil completely and accessorize your hair with a fancy headpiece. @hatboxco always has beautiful options to choose from. 

Perhaps you are wondering when we will talk about make-up? Well, here, we are. Make up for an outdoor wedding especially at the beach is very tricky because you have to factor in the weather; wind, sun, and humidity. I would say, first start preparing your skin days before the event. If you’re not quite sure how to go about this, check out our recent post on how to keep your bridal make up fresh all day long. Please remember to incorporate sunscreen into your skin prep routine. In fact, Maybelline’s DREAM URBAN COVER FLAWLESS COVERAGE FOUNDATION is your best bet because it’s got sunscreen to keep you ready for whatever the day throws at you. Stick to a dewy makeup look to match the dreaminess of the occasion. 

You might also want to keep some blotting paper in hand in case you get sweaty and some insect repellant for later in the day. 

It’s always a pleasure helping brides look their best on their special day. Please leave a comment and let us know what wedding options you have considered or are still considering especially in this pandemic season. 

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