Because of all the restrictions this pandemic has come with, a lot of couples have had to put their weddings on hold. Tragically, some of the weddings were so grand, that with the indefinite ban on social gatherings, they had to be cancelled. I know we all have to be cautious and observe social distancing protocols but what is caution when you are in love?  The show must go on. This is why the COURT WEDDING option is one to consider. ?.

The average Ghanaian wedding costs approximately between GHS 50,000.00 – GHS 140,000.00, but a civil court wedding costs between GHS 1,000 – 20,000.00 obviously depending on a few other personal things. With these numbers starring you in the face, I’m sure the court wedding looks extremely appealing and cost effective. This also means that you have more cash to get your favourite wedding vendors –  get the best wedding gown designer, best photographer and you know, the best beauty team (hair & make – up) in the city.

Aside the budget being slashed drastically, there are other perks to the court wedding option – Less stress planning, No time restraints, focus on the most important details, having an intimate setting with close family and friends ( witnesses ) et cetera.



If you choose a civil court wedding, your wedding style is going to have to change to match the ambiance of a court. You probably will not want to wear a ball gown at the court. LOL !

You need simple understated elegance to grace the event. Simple, clean and structured is usually the go to for court weddings. Nonetheless, you can still be a bombshell bride with these new fashion and beauty parameters :



Instead of the typical long veil, consider wearing a fascinator. Depending on your personality, you can go big with a dramatic fascinator or keep the volume down with a simple one. Beads, crystals and chunky jewelry would be totally out of place in court. In order to not be too plain on this special day, why don’t you choose some dramatic earrings to make up for the absence of bling? As you already know, a mask is a must have in this season. Please go for one that doesn’t take all the attention off your hair and make-up.

Check out @hatboxgh on Instagram for beautiful and unique bridal fascinators. 




When you think of your civil court wedding dress, think classy, clean and timeless. Surely, you don’t have to compromise on your standards simply because it’s a smaller event. Remember, we are going for understated elegance so we have to do away with the elaborate gown and choose a more structured, fitted white dress. @pistisgh is more than capable of providing the perfect dress for your court wedding. 




Beauty – Makeup

Makeup –  On your court wedding day, I suggest a neutral and palette, makeup should be clean, subtle and timeless with great skin prep to keep it on and fresh all day.  To read more on how to keep your makeup fresh all day, follow this link 




It must be comforting to know that in a civil court wedding, you can still look glorious, though not in typical Ghanaian wedding fashion. With the ever-increasing number of COVID – 19 cases in Ghana, who knows when we can get back to grand weddings? Intimate ceremonies have become more appealing to the masses and court weddings may very well be the most feasible option for a long time to come. This is why today’s discussion is adjourned until next week. 😉




CVL beauty x PistisGh Bridal Campaign 2020.
Court Wedding Bridal team :
Makeup @mzl4wson
Grooms suit @yakaphi_man
Fascinator @hatboxco
Location @sandboxbc
Photography @phloshop
Videography @iamjunie07
Creative direction @brandsworthgh



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