We have in our 2020 bridal campaign, been talking about interesting ways to keep your wedding style on-point in intimate post COVID wedding options. We talked about the court wedding, the beach wedding, and today we will be talking about a more typical and some might say conservative option – the White Wedding.

Considering that this will be the choice of most conservative brides, we want to show you the timeless wedding inspiration that will come through on your big day.

MakeupMakeup on this day should be clean and dewy. Something between elegant and angelic should be your aim. Usually, brides go through the traditional wedding, dress rehearsals, and a lot of beauty prep before their church weddings and so they are usually tired and it shows on the big day

even through the makeup. Try to get at least a day’s rest and skin prep prior to this day. Because t

his is your special day, you could entrust your makeup into the hands of an award-winning bridal makeup artist ;).

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In a church that is already ornate or with a traditional build, for example, a Catholic or Anglican cathedral from colonial times, you may not need much décor. Their architectural design alone can be leveraged in a unique way to make your wedding beautiful. Most churches are already well decorated and your décor person may only need to accent what already exists in the chapel. Consider using timeless techniques such as drapes, arcs, and flowers.

Flowers and chapels are a match made in Heaven. Next to yours, of course. Stay away from seasonal decorative items like balloons and streamers.

You may also want to keep the color scheme simple with one or two colors. If you must use a contrasting color, use just one.

For example, you don’t want to mix orange and green with your typical white on your wedding day.

Essentially, try to make sure your décor complements rather than overshadows or distorts the already existing church decor.


Unlike in the court and the beach where there are many limitations on what you can wear, in a church, you can wear almost anything you want; high heels, low heels, ball gown, fitted gown, bedazzled gown, long train, no train, long veil, short veil, no veil…. It’s really all up to you and your style and personality. It’s best to keep your style minimal and elegant. There are a few wedding-dress styles that have stolen our hearts for generations like the corset and the long-sleeved dresses. These have been used by Ladies for centuries and you cannot go wrong with either.

This may seem very obvious but please wear a white dress. Many brides have tried to make a fashion statement by wearing black or other bold colors on their wedding days but to maintain the timeless theme, white and colors close to white are best. Nothing says timeless like a white wedding dress.

Perhaps you were planning a big wedding and your church is still observing strict social distancing protocols? Many had to cancel their wedding plans on account of COVID -19 but this doesn’t have to be you. Consider going virtual. Yes! just have as many in-person guests as you can and stream the event online for those who couldn’t make it with a private entry code. It would be at no additional cost because social media platforms are absolutely free to use. In fact, this would even reduce your costs.

If you have been following the discussion, let us know which wedding look is your favorite so far and stay connected because we have a whole lot more to show you.



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