Are you a freelance make-up artist who needs innovative ideas to keep business going? Yes, I know it has been especially difficult for us in the beauty industry. Usually as an artist your main and only source of income is your service – Active income. This shouldn’t be. Your active income is contingent on the amount of time you can physically and actively perform a service. Most artists feel stuck and trapped. What happens then, if you get pregnant or fall sick or a pandemic affects your business ( service) directly?

The good news is, there are still so many opportunities (new & old) available to you as freelance make-up artist. Did you know that since the lockdown rules were lifted, there has been a barrage of weddings, photoshoots and events that require our services? Maybe things are not the way you expected because fashion and beauty services may no longer be a priority to many of your usual customers but here’s how to maintain your relevance even in this pandemic. 


  • Leverage on other skills  In times of crisis and change, businesses have to be flexible and adapt in thinking, operations and services. There are so many SME’s and big businesses that need help now more than ever. A lot of businesses have no online presence and with the entire world literally moving online, companies – big and small, are desperately looking for help. People need help in areas of marketing, content creation, graphic design, social media planning, retailing, distribution and sales, If you have experience in the any of these fields, you should be jubilating. This is the time to properly align yourself and make moves. Reach out to companies – ( Big and small). Show them what you can do. Work in their budget to build experience and boost your portfolio. There are so many Small businesses that have sitting stock not knowing what to do with it and not having a plan for storage, distribution, marketing, et cetera. That is a problem and the one most important bit of work is problem solving. Do not sit and cry over a lost job. Search within yourself and see the best ways you can put your skills and talents to work.


  • Upgrade your Skills & Knowledge  – I always say that a quiet, seemingly dry and waiting period is a time for preparation. Instead of focusing on the negative, why don’t we focus more on using the extra time we have wisely. Look at it this way, – It is the cards you’ve been dealt, so play the game to the best of your ability. In the early years of my journey as an artist, I was not always booked each Saturday to work on brides. I remember I started to worry a lot and would wish I was booked every time and one day, in solitude and honest conversation with myself, I came to the realisation that  there was no reason to try to prove a point. There was a mindset shift that happened. I started looking at other ways to use my time wisely and effectively, and I believe the ideas and thoughts that came from those seemingly dry times are what have kept me and the business going till date. I enrolled in some classes and that gave me access to some pretty amazing people and peers in the makeup and beauty game that I would never have the time for, had I been “Busy Busy”. 

  • CVL BEAUTY OPPORTUNITY – While you wait for the bans to be lifted, invest in yourself and upgrade. The quarantine rules afford you the time to learn new skills and gain professional credibility. The doors of our beauty academy are wide open for enrolment for new students, existing artists and students open to learning  complimentary beauty services like micro-blading and brow threading.


  • Collaborations – The entire industry has been greatly affected by COVID and we are all looking at ways to adjust to our new normal. People are out of jobs and this means, content has also been affected. Instead of paying for expensive shoots , you can reach out to other industry stakeholders to collaborate for content creation and this is also a way to be introduced to their audience – widening your reach. Creating is always my safe and happy space. It also allows for long term relationships to be built across the spectrum in the industry. Two heads are better than one. There is power in numbers.  I think it is the perfect time to consider collaborating with other make up artists, photographers and studios or any other established professionals in the industry.


  • CVL BEAUTY OPPORTUNITY – Reach out to join the CVL Family and let us know if there is an idea you will like to collaborate on.


  • Teach / Share – Understanding your role in the space you’ve been called to is extremely important. How do you fully embody your role, if you don’t know what it is you’re to do in a particular period in time. When I say teach, I mean share. Be open to the idea of teaching and sharing. Do not be scared of someone taking “your place”. No one has that power and everyone has a role to play. You are better off sharing than withholding information to stay ahead. Share your knowledge and skill and remember to constantly stay upgrading yourself. Share through whatever mediums are readily available to you – It’s always a great idea to establish online presence by doing some live Instagram videos and youtube tutorials. Formulate a social media strategy and create useful content for your clients and followers to keep them engaged with you, based on the kind of following or audience you have. 


  • Self Care – Body, Mind, Spirit – Finally, darling, take good care of yourself. Your well-being is so critical to the business because it is contingent on you and there’s no business if you are sick or unavailable. Please don’t trade your self-care for anything; consider, resting, fully surrendering when you feel overwhelmed, sitting with yourself in solitude and being honest with yourself about where you are and where you want to be, address your intentions and don’t focus too much on actions and peoples opinions, unfollowing accounts that don’t serve you, reading, laughing, eating healthy and exercising a lot this season. Health is wealth. Until next week, ciao!


CVL BEAUTY opportunity – Stay connected. I share a few good reads and resources that have helped me along the way, every week on my story and through the blog posts 🙂 


  • Nana Akua


    Awwww?,didn’t know why I bumped into your instastory when I opened my Instagram page, this is really for me, am in bed,thinking about my progress in the make up industry, have been down lately and want to give up, this really got me to rethink about my decision, thanks so much, you really do help some of us, Jehovah bless you

  • Rhodaline Nana Animah


    Very insightful. I’m also a makeup artist as well and I really admire your craft.

    I’m glad we share the same opinion. I have personally decided to look at the bright side of the pandemic by enrolling myself in another field of work.

    • CVL Beauty Post author


      Hi Rhodaline,
      Thank you and congratulations on coming to this realisation and taking this bold decision.
      I wish you success and fulfilment in your new endeavor.

  • Akosua


    You inspire me a lot, thanks for this information.

  • Abigail


    Thanks I loved the part concerning sharing “ You are better off sharing than withholding information to stay ahead.“
    Worth reading
    God bless you?

  • Nams


    God bless you for this amazing blog. You’re an inspiration to many out there.
    About leveraging on new skills CVL Beauty is definitely a target.
    Have a blessed day?

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