• 2020 Wedding Options – The White Wedding

    We have in our 2020 bridal campaign, been talking about interesting ways to keep your wedding style on-point in intimate post COVID wedding options. We talked about the court wedding, the beach wedding, and today we will be talking about a more typical and some might say conservative option – the White Wedding.

    Considering that this will be the choice of most conservative brides, we want to show you the timeless wedding inspiration that will come through on your big day.

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    Think of a sunset on the horizon, mighty waves grinding to a halt on the shore and the gentle sea breeze blowing on your skin. With acoustic music playing gently in the background and the love of your life holding your hand, you probably wouldn’t find a more picturesque scene to tie the knot. If you are a hopeless romantic who’s been trying to find the perfect location for an intimate wedding ceremony, I bet you have already considered the beach wedding. 

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  • EVERYTHING BUT THE ART – ( Books, self-care and mental health )

    Imagine trying to build something so great that by the time it’s ready for applause, the builder is incapable of enjoying his fame and acclaim. Trust me, you do not want to be that person. Giving off oneself for the sake of others is commendable and is even the platform of greatness but one must not lose him or herself in the process. I don’t believe the gift should be a curse as well. I believe that we can have it all, that you can feel great inside and look great outside to truly be happy. I strongly believe that what is within creates the world around or at least how we perceive life and our environment. 

    As a freelance artist or entrepreneur in general, it is very typical for you to throw yourself entirely into your business; you might invest so much into building your brand, your business and your skill, that you lose your self in the process. CVL Beauty is not your typical beauty brand that only wants you to look good, we want you to be intentional about growing internally (inner beauty) as well. We want to see you flourish in body, soul and spirit. 

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  • HOW TO KEEP YOUR BRIDAL MAKEUP FRESH ALL DAY LONG – Tips for Make-up Artists and Brides.

    We are in wedding season and with how intimate wedding events are now, we are sure to see a lot of happy brides sharing in their joy and emotions – dancing and shedding tears.

    I am happy to share expert tips on make-up products and methods to ensure your bridal makeup stays fresh and smudge proof through the tears, kissing and excessive smiling & dancing of the day. 

    Make-up artists have been preaching skincare for a while now because it is the industry secret to long lasting make-up; even more important than the actual make-up application process. It is a widely know fact that, skin that has not been properly taken care of and prepped will not be able to hold make-up well. This is why I recommend you start with a good SKIN PREPARATION session prior to the big day. Why don’t  you have a consultation with your dermatologist? ( Did you know – We have an in house skin specialist? )  Depending on the condition of your skin, your dermatologist will know which cocktail of skincare you will need. From my point of view as a make-up artist, the most basic skin treatments to incorporate are hydrating facials and Vitamin C facials. That being said, let’s get right into skin prep. 

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