We are in wedding season and with how intimate wedding events are now, we are sure to see a lot of happy brides sharing in their joy and emotions – dancing and shedding tears.

I am happy to share expert tips on make-up products and methods to ensure your bridal makeup stays fresh and smudge proof through the tears, kissing and excessive smiling & dancing of the day. 

Make-up artists have been preaching skincare for a while now because it is the industry secret to long lasting make-up; even more important than the actual make-up application process. It is a widely know fact that, skin that has not been properly taken care of and prepped will not be able to hold make-up well. This is why I recommend you start with a good SKIN PREPARATION session prior to the big day. Why don’t  you have a consultation with your dermatologist? ( Did you know – We have an in house skin specialist? )  Depending on the condition of your skin, your dermatologist will know which cocktail of skincare you will need. From my point of view as a make-up artist, the most basic skin treatments to incorporate are hydrating facials and Vitamin C facials. That being said, let’s get right into skin prep. 


SKIN CARE – Bride.  

  1. Facials – Sheet masks & Face rollers are your go-to for just “before makeup” facial treatments. If you have time, try a cold sheet mask session for hydration and Vitamin C facials and use a face roller to allow products better penetrate the skin. 

Face rollers increase blood circulation, assist lymphatic drainage and diminish the appearance of fine lines (our facial muscles tend to store a lot of tension, which can cause wrinkles and fine lines, especially around the forehead and eyes). The rolling motion eliminates toxins building up in the skin, which makes it pretty good at leaving skin brighter too.



2. Eye cream – The most prevalent problem I find around the eyes of most of my brides are puffiness, lines and darkness. To avoid this and create a more natural makeup look, you should use eye cream that has Hyaluronic Acid in it. For plump skin cells, nothing beats hyaluronic acid, which draws moisture from the air and holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water. You can apply this under your eyes just before your moisturiser. 


3. Moisturise – Your pre-makeup moisturiser should not be heavy. A lightweight moisturiser can help refine skin’s texture, hydrate and mattify the skin. You’ll want to avoid any night creams or rich moisturisers that will be heavy on the skin. 

I get my skin products from trusted skin enthusiast and retailer – @jenorelle_x on Instagram. 



There are different primer formulae for different skin types. 

I always get this question – Is it very very very necessary to prime? Can I skip this part?

My answer – Yes, but only prime specific areas. For example, clients with oily skin, usually have oily t-zones. In such cases, it is important to just prime the t-zone with a magnifying primer. You could go a step further to prime the rest of the skin with a hydrating primer, but I believe that if you follow the moisturising and hydrating steps previously spoken about, you won’t need this second step. The real question here is, what is the best primer to use for different skin types?

If you are working on dry skin, you will need a blurring and hydrating/ plumping primer. I suggest a primer with with ingredients – aloe water, cherry blossom, hyaluronic acid, B vitamins and hemp-derived cannabis seed extracts. This will give your work a plumper and smoother finish, create a dewy look and will keep your makeup looking fresh all day.  Oily skin on the other hand would need a mattifying primer. Try to focus only on oily areas on the skin in this case and if your client has visible pores, pore blurring and hydrating primers work best. 

When purchasing make-up products, I recommend using trusted product vendors – Swankybeautysupply.  Juben House of Beauty and The Seraphim Store


Have you ever seen wedding makeup that breaks down with heat, sweat and tears? The horror! Most of the fault lies in the skin preparation before makeup application. We could also attribute this major wedding makeup catastrophe to the type of products used and techniques used during makeup application. It is always important to assess and know which products and textures work best for each skin type. 

For example, if your client has dry skin, there is no reason to use drying primers and products all in the name of “matte” look. These will dry out the skin some more, crack the make-up and let it wear out early. When applying make up to oily skin, we should steer clear of oils and oil based products because in the sun, this will melt off and cause patches on the skin, which is a no no no. Also note that if the hairstylist is going to lay the bride’s frontal with mousse and glue, she will most likely have to work before your makeup starts. You want to avoid liquids and tacky substances on makeup as much as possible. 

LIPS – Owwwww, we know one part of the face that definitely will be touched are the lips :D. Usually after lip locking, the bride has little to no lip-color on. It is wise to use a lip liner over the lips before applying a lip stain to achieve a matte look. If you’re going for glossy lips, then, you might want to use a clear / coloured gloss over the stain to not only create the glossy effect, but to ensure that the lip-colour lasts all day. 


TOUCH UP – This is a very important part of wedding make-up but unfortunately, most artists do not stay with the bride after her makeup is done. Dear makeup artist, do a ten minute demonstrative tutorial with the Maid of Honour to teach her how to touch up the bride. It will be great if she understands how to fix little mishaps that can happen on the day like, dubbing or using blot sheets instead of rubbing the face with a handkerchief. Remember, she is a potential client, so give her a discount or a gift so she takes her new beauty role seriously and remembers you when its her turn :). It’s important for her to have blot sheets for shine, a clear or coloured lip gloss and a compact powder at hand. 

I trust that these tips for the bride and her make up artist will help you create a beautiful wedding makeup look and great memories. Follow @cvlbeautyofficial on Instagram for more tips and bridal make up inspiration. Leave a comment below. 

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