It is easy to get caught up in a very physically and mentally unhealthy cycle. 

Fear, panic, anxiety, eat, sleep, drink, smoke, fear, panic, anxiety, eat, sleep, et cetera… and even worse, making unreasonable decisions while in this state.

It is time to be mindful about what we feed the windows to our minds, hearts and souls. What we watch, what we listen to and what we say are extremely important now as we tackle this change daily and prepare for the aftermath of this pandemic.

I hope this serves as a guide to help us be productive and mindful.


If the space is not intentionally created, we will miss the GOLD in the clutter of life.

We  hardly find time to sit with ourselves and we usually blame it on our extremely busy schedules.

Well now, we have TIME.

Before we get into a list of activities, the most important activity I will say to do, is to be still and alone with yourself, your thoughts and with God.

Why? Because all other activities mean nothing if you are not led by God.

This is a time for SOLITUDE and INTROSPECTION.

A time to look inward and to allow conviction do its work fully.

We need to learn how to disengage—if only for short periods of time—from news, social media, conversations, the requests, and the demands of followers, students, friends, and family because if we don’t, we will not be in a position to help any of them. Solitude will help you realign, set new goals and values for character building, for the next chapters of our lives.



Vision without Value is Destiny without Discipline.

Values guide your day to day decisions and behaviour.

Values influence our conscience and helps us navigate both exciting and tough times. Usually in trying times, our values are tested and we are able to see where we fall short and where our characters are flawed. In the same light, when times are great, values will help keep our egos in check and us from hurting others.

Values build character and character is the most important gain in life… not wealth.

If you are resolute in your character, you will withstand and sometimes avoid a lot of deceptions and hardships life comes with and even if you go through them, you will know that they all work for your good.

In the same vein, when you are generating wealth or in a place of power, your EGO may start to creep in, but your values and character should be able to keep you humble and introspective and this saves you from your false self. ( Your EGO).

When in a postion of leadership, these times will be exteremly challenging and for some, tough decsions will have to be made. Your values and character will create a moral compass within which you can work, guiding you to make the right decisions with the right intentions.

Character CANNOT be passed on or bought. It takes a lot to build character. Character is built through consistency and learning when you fail, when tested in hardship, success, adversity, fame, power, wealth and other life experiences.



We are all stuck at home in self isolation with our skills and dreams. They do not have to be put on hold.

Most people complained that they  could never take time off to take a class or take up a hobby or to be able to learn something new.

Professionals like myself are offering online courses all over the world and this is a great time to connect, network and increase general and specific knowledge in business and in skill. 

Educators and artists around the world are doing this now, and the great thing about the internet is it crosses boarders, making our reach even wider. New information, a new mindset and skill set will set you apart. 

Take advantage of this opportunity as many eductors may not be this available and present after the epidemic.

Take up a Hobby – Watch youtube channels or join online classes to learn how to cook, how to make a bow and wrap a gift, et cetera.

Look up and take up a hobby you have always wanted to take to – 

1. Keep you busy

 2.Widen your skill set.

3. Connect with other professionals, et cetera.

Anything that will result in  self development is great and not necessarily work related. That way, you are able to create and maintain a balanced life and possibly meet new people you typically will not have access to in other areas or countries.



Apart from reading business books and self help books, the BIBLE is one of the best books to read. The bible is the written mind of God.

Biblical characters are complex, flawed and inspiring, but the great thing is, we are one of them or all of them. This shows how God loves us and has worked through them and for them regardless of their shortcomings.  It is the manual and guide for our journey.

I started reading books again after over 10 years of not being able to read an entire book.

I was at a point in my business and personal life where I was looking for answers and I could not find people who I thought would understand where I was mentally and how my mind was working.

I found this book – Like a Virgin – Richard Branson at a filling station. I opened a random page and read an excerpt from his book and it resonated so much with me. I was standing in the filling station for a while, not able to put the book down, so I bought the book and locked myself in my room and read it all in 3 days. This book changed my life because it met me at the time I needed to relate to someones journey and mind. Mind you, I never touched a business book  a day in my life prior to this book.

I share this story to say that I could’ve easily thrown out my ideas and thoughts since I could not find anyone who understood them if I had not read that book. I believe people are extremely scared of their thoughts and ideas and talk themselves out of them. What I find happens with biographies and books is, they confirm and feed a seed that was already there in you. You find a lot of AhA moments in books that resonate with you and this gives hope and fuels your drive to continue on your journey. 

I always hear people talk about how much they’ve missed reading and how they can’t find time to read. I think this is a great time to pick up a book.

Visit an Ebookstore, read reviews, pick a book that speaks to you, open a page and see if anything in there resonates with you and where you are in life at the moment. 

Book Recommendations – The Bible, The Path made Clear, The power of now, Grit, Soar, The Spirit of Leadership, Battlefield of the mind.



Now that social distancing is in full effect, we appreciate more, the need to see human beings and interact with them.

Do not forget that what is happening will be tough financially and mentally on you and your loved ones. We will all need to keep checking on each other and creating safe spaces for us to smile, laugh and take our minds off the chaos around us and ensure we are not inciting more fear and panic in others. Before you forward any message, ask yourself whether it is actually educating, uplifting or insighting fear.

Regular ways to stay connected – Phone calls, Text messages, FaceTime, Skype, et cetera. 

Fun ways to stay connected – Do fun online activities together. E.g. Take group personal makeup class together, cooking class on Zoom or on live. 

Take challenges while on group calls – FaceTime each other and share recipes baking or cooking, discuss a book you’ve read, et cetera. 

Do something creative and fun to create beautiful memories in this time.

Things you can do as a group online –  Instagram DJ Parties, Instagram Lives, Instagram reading classes, Zoom & WhatsApp classes, online church services. 


Cooking Pages / Channels  – NdudubyFafa, Telandeworld, Private Chef Company, Bakedgh et cetera.

Virtual Makeup Classes – @mzl4wson, @Joyadenuga, @BreghaBeauty, @danessa_myricks, @alcantaramakeup@iriejadebeauty@jamesmollymakeupartist.



As long as we are inside, let us make the best out of the situation…. No sun, no stress. Let us lather in Shea butter and all the goodies our skin needs and stick to a great skin regimen. Treat yourself from head to toe. There is so much detailed information out there on google, on youtube, on instagram and on blogs about haircare, skincare, healthcare and a lot of people are sharing more information now more than ever.

Watch DIY videos, research and try your hands at them.

Speak to a specialist or an expert in the field to help you build a simple regimen you can stick to. Luckily, beauty stores are operating online and offering free deliveries on orders. What a time 🙂

Have enough rest to reduce eye bags, and reduce your stress levels. Put your phones in another room when you are going to bed, to make sure you are not tempted to stay online for hours scrolling. Drink water, infused with lemons and ginger and take your daily dose of vitamins.

Take care of yourself so that when we all come out of this, we are healthy, glowing and confident to tackle the aftermaths of the situation.



Vitamin C is one of the biggest immune system boosters of all -oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, strawberries, bell peppers, spinach, kale and broccoli.

Vitamin B6 is vital to supporting biochemical reactions in the immune system. Vitamin B6-rich foods include chicken and cold water fish such as salmon and tuna,chickpeas and green vegetables.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps the body fight off infection. Foods rich in vitamin E include nuts, seeds and spinach.

Yogurt can also be a great source of vitamin D, so try to select brands fortified with vitamin D. Vitamin D helps regulate the immune system and is thought to boost our body’s natural defenses against diseases.


Please stay safe and positive.

I hope this blog post is useful to you and helps us all in these times. 

Remember Romans 8:28

…and we know that all things work together for good of those who love God, who have been called according to his purpose.

Have a great week ahead.


My love to you all,




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