Being a freelance makeup artist is expensive. To ensure that you are raking in money every month, ​and​ covering​ all your expenses, let’s have a conversation about opening up multiple streams of income to keep your business running.

First of all, please understand that you don’t need to have a studio or any special equipment to make money as a freelance makeup artist. Your tools and brushes, coupled with grit and ingenuity are all you need to grow your business.

1.     Be a contractor

LOL. Before you hire an architect… what I mean by a contractor is, you can consider going into an agreement with a salon owner, photo studio, or spa. In such a situation, you can make yourself available maybe three times a week. This would take off the pressure to look for clients or pay rent, you could simply give your host a fixed percentage of your income.


2.     Collaborate

Collaborating with other people in the beauty industry is essential for increasing the visibility of your brand even if only for a short time. You might want to collaborate with a photographer, model, or fashion designer who will frequently need your services.


3.     Become a retailer

As a freelance makeup artist, I’m sure there are some brands in the industry that you adore and even recommend to your clients. Why don’t you buy products from the brands you love so much and retail them? If you are interested in retailing CVL beauty products, kindly contact us, we would be glad to collaborate with you.


4.     Create online content

Creating online content is a sure way to make money these days. In this regard, you need to be patient because it takes a while to grow a large following and gain recognition. However, with consistency and relevance you can generate good income. Don’t just jump on the online wagon, first identify your strengths and your weaknesses. For example, if you are a good writer, consider starting a beauty blog, if your good with photography or visuals become an Instagram or Pinterest content creator. If you are eloquent, you can start a YouTube channel and so on. Just make sure you create relevant content and post consistently to keep your followers engaged.


5.     Find a niche

Ever heard the adage, ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’? Finding a niche is very important in the freelance business because you cannot do it all. Here at CVL​ Beauty,​ we are specialized in bridal makeup but there are so many other niches to enter in this industry. For example, you can target elderly women who have very little makeup skills but still want to look good on occasion. You can also target students during the graduation season. The makeup industry is getting saturated and you cannot stand out with raw talent alone. Once you have identified your niche, find a differentiating factor and promote that too. This differentiating factor could be your rates, your makeup style, or even your ​​merchandise.


6.     Set reasonable rates

Speaking of rates, you don’t want to set your rates so low that your business is actually costing you money neither do you want to charge too high and scare all your potential clients away. Before you run your business into the ground with bad rates, ​pause ​and consider a few things first. How much does it cost to maintain this business? What kind of clients do I want to attract? Then set a rate that is profitable in view of these factors.


7.     Build your brand.

I saved the best for last at this point and I dare say it is the most crucial for the success of ANY business. You build your brand by giving each customer your best because their word-of-mouth reviews are the most believable and far-reaching information about you. Even the wise King Solomon said; “a good name is better than riches”. Make sure that Excellence and Love permeate all that you do because money cannot buy you a good reputation. I wish I could give you more information because there are a plethora of business ideas just waiting for execution. I will get into them in later posts so please stay connected for more insightful articles.  CIAO CIAO! 😉




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